Conservative Group Uncovers New Roots of the IRS Scandal

A group of lawyers who have been investigating the origins of the IRS scandal for the past year-and-a-half say they’ve uncovered the real roots of the IRS scandal — and they’ll surprise both liberals and conservatives alike. The group, Cause of Action, which has subpoenaed thousands of pages of documents from the agency and is still embroiled in litigation with it, says the targeting of conservative groups resulted as much from IRS personnel merely following the instructions laid out in their employee handbook, the Internal Revenue Manual, as from any political bias at the top.

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The GOP Field and Liberal Identity Politics

How far can you go in pushing a public figure on his or her racial, ethnic or gender identity? If you’re a liberal, you know there are lines that the press dare never cross. If you’re a conservative, especially one despised by the liberal establishment, there are no such lines. We got a taste of that late last week when Mark Halperin interviewed Senator Ted Cruz on his BloombergPolitics cable show. After discussing some policy issues, Halperin decided to give Cruz a Hispanic identity test, checking to see if he could name favorite foods, music and then demanding that he speak in Spanish. As Ruben Naverette wrote in the San Jose Mercury News, Haplerin did everything except ask Cruz to “play the conga drums like Desi Arnaz.” Suffice it to say this is not a ploy Halperin would pull on a Hispanic Democrat. But rather than put it down to the usual fun and games of liberal bias and partisanship, this piece of snark is about something much more serious: the notion that Hispanics, blacks or women who are conservatives, aren’t authentic members of those groups. We can expect to see a lot of it in the coming months as the liberal media copes with a breathtakingly diverse Republican presidential field and seeks to brand them as inauthentic.

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Stop making excuses for Milwaukee’s violence

As a judge in a court dedicated to hearing only homicides and sexual assault cases, I presided in well over 100 homicide cases from 2011 to 2014. It was a front row seat to the carnage being wrought in certain parts of the city of Milwaukee.

Unfortunately, and tragically, the vast majority of homicides in Milwaukee amount to this: one black male killing another black male. It has gone on for years, but the situation is getting worse.

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Are Obama’s Feds Preparing To Launch This Freedom-Killing Secret Weapon Against Fox News?

In what sounds like an Internet-related version of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” a new plan to control content on the Internet may be in the formative stages among over-zealous federal regulators. So says a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who not long ago sounded the alarm on net neutrality rules that take effect in June and reclassify Internet providers as utilities subject to greater regulatory checks and curbs.

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State high court quickly ousts Shirley Abrahamson as chief justice

Madison — Conservatives on the Wisconsin Supreme Court picked Justice Patience Roggensack as their new leader Wednesday, dumping longtime Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson after voters approved changing how the head of the court is selected.

Four justices on the seven-member court voted to put Roggensack in charge just hours after state election officials certified the April 7 referendum results, allowing court members to choose the chief justice. For the past 126 years, the state constitution had the most senior member of the court serve as chief justice.

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Sheriff Clarke: Why are We Surprised at Sub-Human Behavior in American Ghettos? Lib Policies Created It

(Bizpac Review) – Outspoken Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. blasted Baltimore rioters and the left-wing agenda he says created the powder keg that blew up into violence.

On Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Clarke told the host that liberal policies, not the death of accused drug dealer Freddie Gray, are responsible for the violence in the city.

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Unemployment rates fall statewide–Press-Gazette

MADISON – Unemployment rates fell everywhere in Wisconsin in March.

The state Department of Workforce Development said this week that unemployment rates were down in all 12 metro areas, all 32 major cities and all 72 counties.

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Mitt Romney Does Not Mince Words When Asked About Report on Clinton Foundation Uranium Company Ties

Mitt Romney blasted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Thursday, telling radio show host Hugh Hewitt that he was “stunned” when he read the New York Times report documenting cash flowing from the Russians amid a uranium deal. “You know, I’ve got to tell you, I was stunned by it,” Romney said. “I mean, it looks like bribery.”

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Dangers to Democracy in the Prosecution of Senator Menendez

Whenever a prominent political figure is indicted on charges of alleged corruption, serious questions arise. Is the prosecution part of a growing and dangerous trend toward criminalizing policy differences? Does it endanger the free speech rights of contributors? Will it constrain the legislative branch from serving as a check and balance on the executive?

These questions are now being raised in the context of the prosecution of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, as they previously were in several other ill-advised prosecutions, including those of former agriculture secretary Mike Espy, former presidential candidate John Edwards, the late Senator Ted Stevens, former Congressman Tom Delay and former Texas governor Rick Perry.

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Frank Capra’s America and Ours

The following is adapted from a speech delivered at Hillsdale College on March 3, 2015, during a conference on the films of Frank Capra sponsored by the College’s Center for Constructive Alternatives.

Filmmaker Frank Capra was not an American by birth or blood. Consequently he did not understand America, as many Americans do today, in terms of personal categories of identity such as race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. He understood America in terms of its political principles—the moral principles of America that can be shared by all who understand them and are willing to live up to them. This was Abraham Lincoln’s understanding as well. In a speech in Chicago in 1858, Lincoln noted that many citizens of that time did not share the blood of the “old men” of America’s Founding generation…

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