Republican Governors Push to Reshape Welfare Programs

A large number of Republican governors are pushing to reshape social-welfare programs with drug testing or other requirements, arguing that the new rules better prepare recipients for employment and assure taxpayers that the benefit money is well spent.

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, fresh off his re-election, said he would propose his state join several others in mandating drug screening for people seeking nutrition or cash assistance. Utah Republicans want to require that certain residents allow the state to assist them in finding a job if they want to collect benefits through Medicaid, the health-care program for low-income and disabled Americans. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is proposing Medicaid recipients kick in at least a few dollars a month as a condition for receiving benefits.

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Legislation Lets States Cut Ties Between Common Core and Federal Grants

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., has drafted legislation to prohibit the federal government from “mandating, incentivizing or coercing” states to adopt the national education standards known as Common Core, The Daily Signal has learned.

The intent of Vitter’s bill is to enable states to more easily exit the national standards, which more and more parents and educators have come to oppose, by voiding requirements attached to previously issued waivers from federal law.

States likely could retain their waivers from the law, called No Child Left Behind, even if they chose to pull out of Common Core.

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“I’m not here to defend torture” writes former CIA Director (2006 to 2009) Michael Hayden in today’s Telegraph.
And I have no intention of doing so either. But I can’t be the only one who finds something a little disturbing about the witch-hunt unanimity among our mainstream media - not just on the left but on the right too - that the US Senate Intelligence Committee report into the CIA’s use of torture against suspected terrorists constitutes, as the Mail put it on its front page, the Shaming of the West.
A shaming act, I’d say, would be hijacking airliners and flying their screaming passengers into office buildings with the deliberate intent of killing thousands of workers; or throwing acid into the faces of women for the crime of seeking an education; or raping, enslaving and beheading people just because they belong to the wrong religion…

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Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam”

Imagine, for a moment, sitting at a prestigious steakhouse in Palm Beach, Florida, a hot spot for some of the most wealthy and famous — Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, James Patterson, Rush Limbaugh, and hundreds more.

And, imagine dining with a handful of men you’ve only read about. Some of them are worth millions, others published best-selling books, and some have held prominent positions at the White House.

In essence, you’re sitting at a five-person table of VIPs.

You’re about to take a bite of your New York strip when one of the men, a top U.S. intelligence agent, slams a 164-page document in the middle of the table.

This document, you soon find out, contains damning evidence that a network of politicians, corporations, and scientists have conspired together to promote the fear of “global warming” . . . despite evidence clearly stating no such “global warming” exists.

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Obama’s Arguments Are a Pack of Lies By VICTOR DAVIS HANSON

There is a humane, transparent, truthful — and constitutional — way to address illegal immigration. Unfortunately, President Obama’s unilateral plan to exempt millions of residents from federal immigration law is none of those things.
Obama said he had to move now because of a dawdling Congress. He forgot to mention that there were Democratic majorities in Congress in 2009 and 2010, yet he did nothing, in fear of punishment at the polls.

Nor did Obama push amnesty in 2011 or 2012, afraid of hurting his own re-election chances.

Worries over sabotaging Democratic chances in the 2014 midterms explain his inaction from 2012 until now. He certainly wouldn’t have waited until 2015 to act, because Republicans will then control Congress.

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Rand Paul: Benghazi one of the ‘worst intelligence failures’ in U.S. history

Sen. Rand Paul maintains that Benghazi was an intelligence failure.

On the heels of the House Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi that “there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks,” the Kentucky Republican expressed his disagreement in a Monday op-ed for Breitbart News.

“Benghazi was the definition of an intelligence failure. It was, in fact, one of the worst intelligence failures in our history, a strategic blunder that resulted in the murder of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans,” Paul said. “This administration has changed the talking points and ignored important questions about Benghazi throughout — when the administration knew what was happening.”

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I, Barack

The immigration order is an abuse of power that fails as a policy reform.
President Obama ’s decision to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants by his own decree is a sorry day for America’s republic. We say that even though we agree with the cause of immigration reform. But process matters to self-government—sometimes it is the only barrier to tyranny—and Mr. Obama’s policy by executive order is tearing at the fabric of national consent.

The first question to address is Mr. Obama’s legal rationale. At least he finally rolled out a memo from the experts on presidential power in the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel, but it’s fair to wonder how much time he gave them. The OLC made its justification public about an hour before the speech.

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Scott Walker lays groundwork for a 2016 presidential run BY KELLY COHEN | NOVEMBER 20, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker is making moves for a 2016 presidential bid.

Riding the waves of a successful reelection, the Wisconsin Republican is taking the steps necessary to launch a presidential campaign next summer, which would put him in position to use his successes at governor to rail against the stagnation of Washington.

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Gruber: Obama personally asked me to help disguise unhelpful Obamacare facts

“The problem is it’s a political nightmare, and people say ‘no, you can’t tax my benefits’…so what we did a lot in that room was think a lot about well how could we make this work? … And [Obama] is really a realistic guy. He was like, ‘look, I can’t just do this.’ He said ‘it’s just not going to happen politically. The bill will not pass. How do we manage to get there through phase-ins and other things?’ And we talked about it. He was just very interested in that topic.”

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Obama Encouraged Us to ‘Pull Every Clip’ On Obamacare So We Did

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