O’Reilly: The Only Reason Any Americans Vote for Democrats Is ‘Emotion’

Bill O’Reilly found it hard to believe that despite so much public opposition to the direction the country’s going in, there are still people who support the Democrats. But he believes he knows the reason why: “emotion.”

O’Reilly explained, “Democrats have been very successful in convincing some voters that the Republican Party favors the rich and is anti-woman.” And, he acknowledged, the GOP has done a poor job of attempting to refute those charges.

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ICYMI: Mary Burke’s predecessor at Commerce called her “a disaster”

“Mary Burke’s predecessor at Commerce called her ‘a disaster’”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Dan Bice
October 16, 2014
Mary Burke’s predecessor as chief of the state Department of Commerce had a three-word description of her performance back in 2006:
“She’s a disaster,” Cory Nettles told a top aide to Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle on Sept. 3, 2006.
Nettles, who was Doyle’s commerce secretary from 2003 to 2005, said Wednesday that he doesn’t recall sending the email to Aaron Olver, his former adviser at the agency, or calling Burke a “disaster.”

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NY Times Just Blasted Out of Existence Biggest Myth About George W. Bush & Iraq War

It wasn’t the only justification for the Iraq War, but it certainly has often been held up as the biggest. Although it has been claimed before that chemical weapons had been found in Post-Hussein Iraq, due to new documents uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the New York Times is now reporting it in a piece, “The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons.”

While various news sources had reported the finding before, all assertions that Hussein had chemical weapons in some capacity (weapons-grade or not – they had been hidden from U.N. inspectors) were largely scoffed at as nothing more than supercilious bunk. Well, behold…

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Scott Walker On Voter ID: ‘Doesn’t Matter If There’s One, 100, or 1,000′

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) defended his state’s voter ID law during a gubernatorial debate against Democratic nominee Mary Burke on Friday, saying that the number of would-be fraudulent voters the law stops doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t matter if there’s one, 100, or 1,000,” Walker said during the debate. His comments were flagged by Politico. “Amongst us, who would be that one person who would like to have our vote canceled out by a vote that was cast illegally?”

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Hard-Hitting Video Reveals How Common Core Was Rammed Through as America’s Education Standards

Building the Machine is an investigative documentary chronicling the Common Core Standards Initiative’s effect on education in the United States.

The film debuted earlier this year, but the issues it addresses are as timely as ever. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association — who sponsored the project — “62% of Americans said they had never heard of the Common Core.”
Building the Machine is viscerally insightful about the nature of Common Core. It argues that a blanket approach to education leads to a conformist population of the educated and reveals the insidious flip side of the pseudo-equality mantra: “We are all the same.”


Volunteers for Agriculture endorse Governor Scott Walker

Volunteers for Agriculture (VFA) on Oct. 7, 2014 announced its endorsement of Governor Scott Walker’s re-election campaign during a visit to Hanson Family Farm in Elk Mound.

The VFA Committee is comprised of 18 farmers appointed by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation’s Board of Directors.

“The Walker Administration has been a strong advocate for agriculture,” said Annette Trescher, a Monroe County dairy farmer who chairs the VFA. “Governor Walker has publicly expressed support for use value assessment of farmland, state livestock siting standards and the right to farm law. He also has overseen great gains in agricultural exports, which grows our state’s economy.”

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Why Wisconsin won’t become Illinois BY WASHINGTON EXAMINER

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, faces a difficult re-election in six weeks. Under normal circumstances, he would probably be coasting to victory. He just beat a recall attempt in 2012, Wisconsin’s economy is improving, and he put in place reforms that have already saved the state $3 billion.

But of course, this is the issue. His now-famous union bargaining reforms of 2011 have incurred the wrath of America’s big labor unions, which are now eager to defeat him.

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IRS Cover-Up: IG Report Exposes IRS Lying to American Public

A new Inspector General (IG) report exposes yet more abuse and cover-up at the IRS.

As the Washington Examiner reports:

A review of the Internal Revenue Service’s compliance with the Freedom of Information Act found the agency intentionally withheld or failed to “adequately search” for requested information in hundreds of cases.

In others, the IRS released more than it was authorized, dispensing “sensitive taxpayer information,” including individuals’ bank records.

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Wisconsin Reporter Was Sent to Cover Michelle Obama’s Speech and What She Says an Aide Told Her Had Her ‘Creeped Out’

Meg Kissinger is a seasoned reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin’s well-known newspaper. She’s seen a lot in her days. But what she said happened at a speech by Michelle Obama in the state on Monday left her utterly “creeped out.”

Kissinger took to her Facebook and Twitter page to describe what happened. In short, she said, aides for both the first lady and Wisconsin Democratic candidate for governor, Mary Burke, told her she was banned from talking to members of the crowd.

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