Watch: Obama Started The Fight, But Scott Walker Just Finished It In Epic Fashion

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Politifact may have outdone themselves with a fact check devoted to whether or not Gov. Scott Walker really bought a sweater at a clothing retail store for one dollar.

The story is this: at an appearance in New Hampshire, Walker pointed to the stylish brown sweater he was wearing and said, “We paid one dollar for it with our Kohl’s Cash.” Holy cats! Could this be true? Time for the experts at Politifact to swing into action:

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‘This Is a Christian Country’: National Leader Sends Out Astounding Easter Message — but He’s Not an American

A world leader offered an Easter video message over the weekend filled with affirmations directed toward the Christian church that could come off sounding a bit strange to some — only because such words don’t seem to be stated in such overt ways on such public stages much at all these days.

The central theme of this leader’s two-minute-and-25-second address was that his nation is “a Christian country.”

So who offered the inspirational message?

British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Happy Easter Everyone!

“As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter, we are thankful for the blessings He has bestowed upon this great country. While we spend time with our family and friends this holiday, we pray for the safety of our brave men and women in the armed services overseas who are away from their loved ones. May we take time to reflect on the spirit of renewal that marks this season and continue to hope for an even brighter future.”

–Governor Scott Walker

Supreme Court Hands Scott Walker Big Victory on Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday turned away a challenge to Wisconsin’s voter identification law, allowing the law to stand and handing a victory to Gov. Scott Walker following a long fight by opponents who say it’s a thinly veiled attempt to make it more difficult for Democratic backers to vote.

The law won’t be enforced for an April 7 election because it’s only two weeks away, but it will be in subsequent elections, the state attorney general said.

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Wisconsin economy moves to the head of the class

The new year brought new signs of momentum for the Wisconsin economy.

In 2010, the Be Bold Wisconsin report set a goal of making Wisconsin a top 10 state for starting or expanding a business. That seemed like a distant goal for a state that regularly had ranked in the bottom half of the class — sometimes in the bottom handful of states.

Two of the best new grades came in independent reports, one done by the Gallup organization and the other done by Paychex|IHS. Wisconsin is moving toward the head of the class.

In January, Gallup published its list of “10 Best (and Worst) States to Find a Job,” using its survey data from 2014. It surveyed 4,297 workers in Wisconsin.

The survey question was simple: “Based on what you know or have seen, would you say that, in general, your company or employer is hiring new people and expanding the size of its workforce, not changing the size of its workforce (or), letting people go and reducing the size of its workforce?”

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Scott Walker signs right-to-work bill

Brown Deer — Gov. Scott Walker Monday signed so-called right-to-work legislation banning requirements that private-sector workers pay union fees, prompting one business to say it will add workers in Milwaukee and another to say it will expand in Minnesota instead.

In a matter of weeks, Republicans pushed through the measure making Wisconsin the 25th state with such a law, giving a victory to manufacturers in the state and a blow to organized labor and some construction firms, which had opposed the measure.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Is “In A Lot Of Trouble Legally’

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on The Kelly File last night to provide some analysis from a legal perspective about Hillary Clinton’s State Department email woes. He said that she is “in a lot of trouble legally.”

In case you missed the news, Clinton used a personal email account during her entire tenure as Secretary of State. There’s been quite a bit of discussion about whether or not she broke the law in doing so.

Napolitano told Megyn Kelly that there are two ways that she could have broken the law.

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Netanyahu Speaks and (Some) American Jews Tremble

On the eve of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress the level of hysteria among American Jewish liberals has reached cascading proportions. From full-page advertisements in The New York Times to anguished columns in The Times of Israel expressions of outrage pour forth. They are furious lest an Israeli prime minister implicate them in such a heinous deed as warning against the imminent surrender of the Obama administration to Iranian nuclear ambitions.

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